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Unity Game engine now enacting a outrageous pricing scheme.
first Twitter kills it's free API plan (April 6th 2023) Then Reddit kills third party apps (July 3rd 2023) Then Facebook blocks news from Canadians in responce to bill C-18 (august 2nd 2023)

and now Unity the worlds number 1 game engine. Announced a pricing plan that would force developers on the free tier to owe Unity $0.20 per installation once their game hit thresholds of 200,000 downloads

many game studios on Twitter began fuming immediately right after unity announced the pricing

Game studio Innersloth. Creators of the smash it game Among us said on twitter "Stop it This would harm not only us, but fellow game studios of all budgets and sizes...."

As for me it also effects my games especially Baldi's Basics Plus and Classic remastered. both use the unity engine. This is truly a crisis in the tech scene it has ever been as bad this year where company's start to screw around with us consumers.

this is why I'm starting a new series of posts covering this crisis. its called Crisis in the tech world. i will continue to cover the current crisis in the tech scene
Published: Fri, 15 Sep 2023 20:04:07 GMT

This just in. Twitter user TheCartoonBase has confirmed that the 7th season of gumball has 40 episodes made the post even got some proof via the EIDR (Entertainment Identifier Registry) which you can check out here: https://ui.eidr.org/view/content?id=10.5240/D0EB-EE3E-B1E9-7D17-0B37-2 [HTTPS REQUIRED]
there is also a rumour that it might come out this year but we only know that 40 season 7 episodes are made

[There is still no new news about the movie still]
Published: Tue, 08 Aug 2023 23:20:38 GMT

Going to see The Oppenheimer movie in 70mm IMAX tomorrow
It turns out there is a 70mm IMAX theatre in Calgary it's one of only 30 theatres in the world that are showing it the theatre in question is Scotiabank theatre Chinook and best of all its a TRUE IMAX (aka 1.43:1 IMAX) and not the so called "lieMAX" (1.9:1 Digital IMAX)

The last 70mm IMAX film released was Dunkirk in 2017

This will be fun :)

here's a image of a TRUE IMAX vs lieMAX http://www.slashfilm.com/wp/wp-content/images/ZZ68ECE699-550x256.jpg
Published: Wed, 26 Jul 2023 01:52:44 GMT

Yep the 'It's tail time' due himself is back in a compilation for modern systems

here's the trailer download links

Cinepak (7.85MB): http://jackson.retronetwork.net/blog/videos/Gex%20Trilogy%20LRG3%20Reveal%20(cinepak).avi

480p MPEG4 (5.13MB): http://jackson.retronetwork.net/blog/videos/Gex%20Trilogy%20LRG3%20Reveal%20Trailer%20(MPEG4).mp4

Mobile [3gp 176x144] (715KB): http://jackson.retronetwork.net/blog/videos/Gex%20Trilogy%20LRG3%20Reveal%20(mobile).3gp

Modern devices (crap ass YouTube) https://youtu.be/HhXZZsEfRgk
Published: Wed, 19 Jul 2023 04:17:41 GMT

Gumball Season 7 coming out before the movie?
So it turns out that season 7 of The Amazing World Of Gumball is coming out before the movie they are saying that its to ''further expand the universe of the classic The Amazing World Of Gumball show'' In my opinion sure there might be some cannon issues of season 7 and the movie. But hey its better than nothing i guess :) Link of reddit post containing this news: https://old.reddit.com/r/gumball/comments/14ua6wl/apparently_s7_is_airing_before_the_movie_sometime/
Published: Sat, 08 Jul 2023 21:14:41 GMT

GUMBALL SEASON 7 IS CONFIRMED TO BE COMING!!!. The news was confirmed at 3:15pm (Central European Summer Time) The event started with confirmed reports that a teaser for Season 7 of gumball was shown. The teaser itself isn't public yet but people attending the event confirmed to have seen it. The image attached was a twitter post from RegularCapital A animation news account. When the teaser is made public i will make a update post so make sure to subscribe to this RSS Feed!
(P.S There is no info about the Gumball Movie as of now)
Published: Thu, 15 Jun 2023 16:55:08 GMT

Something big about Gumball might happen on june 15th
There is a animation spotlight on June 15th which WB Animation, Hanna Barbera Studios Europe. And Cartoon Network Studios. They say its a closed event but some info will be revealed after the spotlight. Could this be it?!?!?!

The link above takes you to the gumball reddit post
Published: Wed, 07 Jun 2023 00:12:27 GMT

HBO MAX HAS FALLEN now that it is finally dead. They will not interfere with Gumball anymore

Glory to The Amazing World Of Gumball!!!
Published: Thu, 01 Jun 2023 22:47:54 GMT

Cartoon Network twitter just did a [[BIG SHOT]] move about gumball!

Published: Wed, 19 Apr 2023 18:41:30 GMT

I think i think my Steam Deck copy of The Long Drive is P E R S O N A L I Z E D
something weird is happening to the game today it now spawns vehicles that i havent seen before

I think the Wario Apparition has possessed my steam deck!

Other Photo Links:
Published: Fri, 07 Apr 2023 01:06:58 GMT

BREAKING: Gumball Cartoon network schedule sabotaged by teen titans go and other shows!
Well the unthinkable just happened remember awhile back that Gumball is airing all the way back at 12:00am at night? well that time slot now reads [Batman: The Animated Series]. This is a huge blow to Gumball's Legacy. I think Warner bros discovery and HBO MAX is to blame. There are still some Gumball on the time slot but they are single episodes spread apart. Hopefully we get the Movie and Season 7 some time soon until then may Gumball be with us all!
Published: Sat, 01 Apr 2023 00:54:29 GMT

Gumball Movie might be real?!?!
Post-production reported to be complete via Linkedin?!

my prediction is the chance of gumball movie coming out is 85.5%

Source is from gumball reddit link above

More news to come subscribe to this RSS feed for more Gumball news!
Published: Wed, 01 Mar 2023 17:01:52 GMT

2001: A Space Odyssey is a cinematic masterpiece!
The soundtrack. The Sci-fi aesthetic. Everything is great. So great in fact there was a forgotten sequel in 1984 called 2010: The Year We Make Contact. There is also a fan site about the Hal 9000 Super Computer! (click the link above to check it out)
[Requires Flash Player]
Published: Tue, 21 Feb 2023 02:52:48 GMT

Something Tells me that we are going to get the Gumball Movie
The Gumball Movie has reached Post Production. If you are a movie fan that means filming is all done and is now in the editing stage

also the Movie Run time is 1h 16m

Click the link above to go to the imdb page [MODERN BROWSER REQUIRED]

We are getting close!!!!
Published: Sun, 05 Feb 2023 00:16:34 GMT

Just found out that some DUMB game devs fake windows 10 requirement
I was playing The Long Drive on my steam deck and i check the requirements and it requires the Malware known as Windows 10. so i did an experiment i installed The Long Drive on my windows 7 computer and it actually runs

So my theory is that some DUMB ASS game devs don't want you to use windows 7 even know its better than Windows 10 or hell Windows 11
Published: Wed, 25 Jan 2023 20:03:00 GMT

I have a steam deck and its performance is great it blows the Nintendo Switch out of the water

You can get the steam Deck via steam at https://store.steampowered.com/steamdeck
don't try amazon they are filled with DUMB ASS SCALPERS :(

P.S i got the mid range 256GB model
Published: Tue, 24 Jan 2023 05:57:34 GMT

Modern Day Apple is trash
Nowadays there is shitty two-factor Authentication. A crappy new apple silicon breaking compatibility with thousands of Intel based mac applications. Apple arcade is hogging great games from android users. And don't get me started with AppleTv+

In my opinion Apple from 2006 to 2018 is peek Apple
Published: Mon, 16 Jan 2023 06:37:55 GMT

H A P P Y 2 0 0 3 F R O M R A Z O R B A C K
On Line

Make Websites Not Accounts - Kugee 2020 http://razorback95.com/
Published: Sat, 31 Dec 2022 19:21:41 GMT

Just got one of those Media Centre Boxes (special version of Retro Network Coming Soon!)
I plan to create a special version of Retro Network Designed for Media Centre hardware or HTPC's

So stay tuned for more updates
Published: Wed, 28 Dec 2022 01:24:10 GMT

Prepare yourself for more hardcore Windows starting today with a BRAND NEW SEGMENT for hardcore Windows 95!
Its so intense it's not available on YouTube instead its on Razorback AD FREE!

Click the link above to check it out
Published: Tue, 27 Dec 2022 01:57:44 GMT

Just upgraded my Lenovo Windows 7 ram size
Just upgraded it from 4GB to 16GB now it runs like butter
Anyways Merry Christmas :)
Published: Sun, 25 Dec 2022 20:36:56 GMT

Stay tuned next week for more Kugee's Hardcore Windows ONLY ON RAZORBACK!
Kugee AKA the maroon whale himself promised 5 more Razorback exclusive Hardcore windows segments that won't be on that garbage site called YouTube

So stay tuned and bring out those dial up modems!

NOTE you can get up to date via RSS here: http://razorback95.com/resources/videos/rss.php?c=4
Published: Fri, 23 Dec 2022 22:35:15 GMT

Christmas day is in 2 days!
I am so excited. I always wanted one of those Steam Deck's its basically a nintendo switch but for PC gaming!
Published: Fri, 23 Dec 2022 06:20:26 GMT

Some random Baldi default dance

P.S Fortnite is trash
Published: Sat, 17 Dec 2022 06:41:06 GMT


now all we need is news about the Gumball Movie if its saved or not

Original news link: https://old.reddit.com/r/gumball/comments/zivrq2/the_seriess_getting_season_7/
Published: Sun, 11 Dec 2022 22:19:20 GMT

OFFICIAL GUMBALL MOVIE NEWS: Famed actor Jame McAvoy will play a character named Hugh in the gumball movie
It is reported that famed actor Jame McAvoy will be playing a character named 'Hugh' in the Gumball movie
the news came from popular movie news site cbr.com quote
"In 2023, the actor is gearing up to play the role of Hugh in The Amazing World of Gumball: The Movie."

this might mean the Gumball Movie Might not be cancelled in the great animation purge of 2022

You can find the original news article here https://www.cbr.com/james-mcavoy-dispel-hating-marvel-rumors/ (modern browser Required)
Stay tuned to this feed for more Gumball Movie Posts
Published: Fri, 09 Dec 2022 03:14:34 GMT

The streaming service wars is stupid and an nuisance to the paying customer
Back in my day there was only 3 streaming services. Netflix aka the inventor of the streaming service. Hulu the second streaming service that promised TV shows available right after they aired on over the air television. And Amazon instant video (now known as amazon prime video)

Now there are too many streaming providers.

the new streaming providers are
Disney + (the streaming platform for Disney fans)
Apple tv + (a Dumpster fire)
Paramount + (also a dumpster fire)
HBOMAX (The streaming platform from HELL because they killed the Gumball movie among other projects)
Peacock TV (Yet another dumpster fire made by NBC)

what Netflix used to have is now on other providers. the streaming war is a nuisance to the customer and evidence points out that Disney+ is the one that started the war in the first place

In my opinion the world will rejoice when all the streaming platforms except the original 3 shutdown for good
Published: Sat, 03 Dec 2022 18:47:54 GMT

OH MY GUMBALL. It finally happened this is the news we want. On IMDB the cast for the Gumball movie has finally appeared. So this means the movie might not be cancelled after all. I have included an image of the entire cast for old browser's to view via the link above. If you have a modern browser you can visit https://www.imdb.com/title/tt14317038/fullcredits

Make sure you subscribe to this RSS feed using your feed reader for more Gumball Movie news!
Published: Tue, 22 Nov 2022 04:53:12 GMT

Finaly successfully converted an mp4 file into a Cinepak Avi using FFMPEG
i used a program called Axiom. Its an GUI FFMPEG for windows https://axiomui.github.io/
the video in question is the logo for the mega drive developers collective as seen in the Sonic 1 point and click edition rom hack. I even managed to output it in 60 frames! you can download it from the link above (file is 11.3MB)
Published: Sat, 19 Nov 2022 06:49:40 GMT

Gumball Season 7 Be real?!
There are some rumours on the gumball reddit (r/gumball) That the Gumball Movie is "Pending" and season 7 might be in development too. This is some news we been looking for :)
Published: Thu, 17 Nov 2022 02:45:01 GMT

Wiby.me has got an Halloween easter egg :)
good job Wiby for that cool Message. And of course I wish you all a Happy Halloween!!
Published: Sun, 30 Oct 2022 06:26:16 GMT

Going to Watch the Black Adam movie (because Cartoon Network posted about it on twitter)
I'm only watching it in hopes that some day we will get some news about The Amazing World Of Gumball Movie. We haven't gotten any news about it since 2 months ago :'''(
Published: Wed, 26 Oct 2022 22:07:35 GMT

Just received an email from google telling me that 2FA will be auto enabled for my account
I totally get it that this is for "security" But what happens when you don't have a phone at all. Then you are screwed and you can kiss your google account goodbye. I don't want 2 factor authentication please leave my account alone :(
Published: Sat, 22 Oct 2022 02:07:33 GMT

The Gumball series reboot might be saved
I heard some rumours that The Amazing World Of Gumball reboot might be still happening on HBO MAX the rumour was by a twitter account called @TheCartoonBase They said some shows are still happening on HBO MAX and the Gumball series was one of them. I have linked a post using Nitter (an twitter frontend) above. Pray to god that this rumour is true (LINK REQUIRES MODERN BROWSER)
Published: Sun, 16 Oct 2022 06:05:28 GMT

Testing [Gumball Or Bust]
This is a test post of my new micro blog called "Gumball Or Bust"
basically its a micro blog about news on the Amazing World Of Gumball (aka My favourite show) in hopes we finally get the Gumball Movie HBO MAX striped away from us
Published: Thu, 13 Oct 2022 05:24:39 GMT

Í̸̫̖̝T̶͍̓S̵̹̞̗̓̕ ̸̺͎̬̦͆̒̑̚O̴̧̒͗V̴̧̼͊̂E̷̥̠͙̞͐̍Ř̷̫̘̝ ̶̱̈́̔̕͝
The New York comic con panel called "An Animation Journey with Cartoon Network and Adult Swim" was a complete joke they didn't even talk about the shows that were in the HBO MAX PURGE [UNSUBSCRIBE FROM HBO MAX NOW] #cancelhbomax
Published: Sun, 09 Oct 2022 18:08:43 GMT

Gumball Tv show airings on Cartoon Network has jumped up by 67%
The Amazing World Of Gumball (my Favourite Show) used to only air on Cartoon Network at 7:00pm (EST) on weekdays. Now it air's almost all the day even on weekends! This means there is some hope for the Gumball Movie which it's fate gets revealed in 2 days. I have linked an image of the time slots
Published: Fri, 07 Oct 2022 19:51:12 GMT

F A T E O F G U M B A L L M O V I E R E V E A L E D I N 9 D A Y S
So it comes to this.. The fate of The Amazing World of Gumball movie will be revealed in 9 days at the New York comic con 2022 (NYCC 2022) the show that i now love possibly getting canned because of some Evil Streaming company called HBO MAX. Hopefully something can light our darkest hour. Mark your calendars October 9th 12:30pm. That's when the news gets revealed. Make sure to check out the gumball Reddit via the link above. May god be with us all :'(
Published: Fri, 30 Sep 2022 20:19:46 GMT

Finaly got all the episodes of The Amazing world of Gumball!
It turns out iTunes actually got all the seasons listed. Sure its a bit pricey like $89.99 in Canada but its worth it in my eyes :) you can get it here https://shorturl.at/cHKO0 BEAT THAT CABLE BOX DRM!! (REQUIRES MODERN BROWSER)
Published: Fri, 23 Sep 2022 17:38:55 GMT

i have finaly found the holy grail of 88x31 Website buttons!
I have found the ultimate 88x31 Website Button
click the link to see it in its RAWEST FORM
Published: Mon, 29 Aug 2022 03:55:36 GMT

Cable Box DRM is a mistake
I wanted to backup my recordings of The Amazing world of gumball (it's a Cartoon Network Gem) to my USB but Shaw bluesky tv doesn't allow that. Sure there's Cablecards but those are only available in the USA :'(
Published: Sun, 28 Aug 2022 01:29:00 GMT

I will NEVER use Windows 10 (Or even Windows 11)
Windows 10's UI is super ugly and cringe and Windows 11 requires a completely unnecessary chip in order to run (TPM 2.0) Windows 8 is ok i guess but it doesn't beat Windows 7 and its absolute GOD TIER theme called Aero Glass
Published: Fri, 12 Aug 2022 20:19:50 GMT

I just wish google reverted back to the old feedburner
The new one is totally useless and ugly too :(
Published: Tue, 09 Aug 2022 17:42:19 GMT

Might have randomly found a peer to peer search engine
I was checking the cpanel visitors of Retronetwork.net and one of the user agents was this "yacybot (/global; amd64 Linux 5.10.0-12-amd64; java 1.8.0_212; GMT/en) http://yacy.net/bot.html" i did some research and found out that it's for a Peer to Peer search engine called YaCy I also found out it can be deployed onto a website. Who knows i might create a search engine for my Websites :)
Published: Fri, 01 Jul 2022 03:50:00 GMT

Going to see the new Lightyear movie
I am going to see the new Lightyear movie AKA RTX Buzz Lightyear ;)
Published: Tue, 28 Jun 2022 23:01:34 GMT

The Old Net could be creating a Guestbook and homepage hosting services
I contacted Richard Bettridge AKA the creator of theoldnet.com about getting a Guestbook for this website and while he can't do it. He does have plans to create a GuestBook hosting service and a homepage hosting service as well. When one of those services launches you bet i will join!
Published: Sun, 26 Jun 2022 21:29:22 GMT

Friendship ended with YouTube. VidLii is my new best friend
Double YouTube ADS suck. VidLii has no ADS and is way better
Published: Tue, 21 Jun 2022 14:25:56 GMT

Hello World
Well this is my first ever post on my personal blog. Welcome to my spot on the Net
Published: Sun, 05 Jun 2022 01:36:18 GMT

Updated: Fri, 15 Sep 2023 20:17:05 GMT
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