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Videos And Downloads

Heres some cool videos and downloads about

!!The Amazing World Of Gumball!!


Heres some Gumball Videos for viewing on old computers

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Gumball Serenades Penny

Gumball serenades Penny with his burp.

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The Amazing World Of Gumball Launch trailer

The official launch trailer of The Amazing World Of Gumball in 2011

(In Cinepak AVI)

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TRex Wants a date

Tina Rex is looking for a date for friday's school party

(In Cinepak AVI)

File size 14.1 MB

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Official Wallpapers

Heres some wallpapers for your computer. Just click the image to see the full size

(Wallpaper full size is 1920x1080)

Wallpaper Fan Art

Some fan art created by the Amazing Community!

(Wallpaper full size varies)

Fan Made Videos

Some Fan Made Gumball videos to view on old hardware!

Click me to watch in Cinepak

Gumball's Walk By SomeShoot

The blue cat went out for a walk! Met his friends, greeted them, met his girlfriend, but it happened very [[G L I T C H T E X T]]

I created this episode for Xploshi! Thank you for fantastic land! ;3

Video Downloads


MPEG4 (coming soon)

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My Custom Windows Themes!

Heres some Windows themes i made for Windows 9x and XP users

Penny Fitzgerald
Download ZIP (Size 49.4kb)

More themes coming soon!

Other Downloads

Banana Joe Ringtone
Banana Joe Ringtone
MP3 download
(Bitrate 118kbs)
(File Size 420kb)
Apple M4R download
(File Size (494kb)

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