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August 11, 2023

[NEW SERIES] Idiots of design Episode 1 supermarket madness

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Welcome to The ”Wow” Effect’s sub series of posts called. Idiots of design where we look at the absolute garbage designs

From bad rebrands to failed new designs this series covers it all

To kick off this series we are looking at 3 supermarket design fails Starting off with…

#3 SunRype juice new look 2023

to start things off this fail is pretty recently and it affects me directly because I buy their apple juice daily

SunRype or under the company name Sun-Rype Products Ltd. was founded in 1946 in Kelowna British Columbia Canada!

their logo used to look like this

SunRype old Logo

pretty good but if you want to go way back their logo was this!

Original SunRype Logo

kinda looks like the old Days inn Logo

but anyway their Juice box design was this

Old Sunrype Apple juice design

this takes me back 🙂

well in 2023 they got a new look and this was the result




New 2023 SunRype Logo

Not much change to the SunRype logo so they get a gold star by me!

BUT the juice box redesign is what really got a design fail

it went from this.

Old Apple Juice design

To this.

New Apple Juice design

this is bad but not ugly as the later fails on this list. So I will give it a 3 out of 10 fail rating

I’m really going to miss the old look :'(


#2 the new Pringles chips logo 2021

Pringles chips was invented in 1968 originally by The Procter & Gamble Company before they sold the Pringles brand to Kellogg’s

its mascot is called Mr.P and here’s the logo from 2009


and here’s the the chip can design

Pringles can design 2009

some of the designs are pretty cool

now in 2021 Pringles announced they are going to change the logo and this was the result…


Pringles Logo 2009 


Pringles Logo 2009

So needless to say half the Internet didn’t like it so much so that one Reddit user in r/mildlyinfuriating said

"The new Pringles logo next to the old one. It looks so plain." from reddit user [BonBonus]

he even posted this image

The new Pringles logo next to the old one. It looks so plain

Because of how bad half the internet thought of this excuse of a new logo. I’m giving it a 7 out of 10 fail rating


#1 Safeway foods renovation 2023

Founded in 1915 Safeway is a supermarket chain with over 904 locations (as of this post)

The store design in 2014 looked like this

2014 Wine & beer section

2014 fresh from the fields section

2014 world's finest section

2014 pharmacy section

as you can see the design is pure art

now fast forward to 2023 and Safeway is doing some renovations to some stores. Take the Safeway location in Cochrane Alberta Canada

The outside used to look like this

safeway cochrane before renovation

Now look what it looks like today

safeway cochrane after renovation

Oh god this is terrible it’s giving me flashbacks of Windows 10’s ugly UI (episode coming soon)

and the inside is bad as well

New Meat & Seafood section


the Design team must be on drugs when they came up with this redesign

overall I give this a 10 out of 10 fail rating


Well that’s a rap for the first episode of Idiots in design. What was your favorite fail? make sure to comment down below!

See you next time!

June 28, 2023 (AKA Skeuomorphism on steroids)

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Link (requires modern browser)

i discovered this site via a /r/Skeuomorphism post [post link]

June 22, 2023

Taking a look at Alienblue Reddit client for IOS 5 before Reddit does a WAR CRIME by killing 3rd party apps [Update status july 1st 2023]

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Well today’s post is about a legacy IOS5 Reddit client called Alienblue. Before Reddit does an ABSOLUTE WAR CRIME by killing 3rd party apps join me as we look at the skeuomorphic beauty of this app before it gets assassinated by reddit


but a little side mention to web client

which was shutdown a few months before the 3rd party apps drama


now with that out of the way we can now explore the Alienblue client taken from an iPad gen1!

Alienblue splash screen

Heres the main screen when you boot up alienblue

Alienblue default theme

one cool feature is that Alien blue has a landscape mode (and to this day the official reddit app forces portrait orientation) and it has some themes such as…

Classic blue which is what the image above is.

Lion – Wood

Lion - Wood Theme

Lion – Linen

Lion - Linen Theme


Blossom Theme

and Fire

Fire Theme

even to this day the official Reddit app doesn’t have themes

Here’s the inbox tile

Inbox tile in Classic Blue theme

and here’s were you look at your profile stats

Profile stats tile

This is the text only post pane. Used for posts that contain text and no photos

Text only post #1

Text only post #2

heres what it looks like when you upvote or downvote a post

Post upvote post downvote

to remove a pane you have to pinch it closed but when it can’t be closed this will happen

Pane can't be closed

this is where you create a post (i haven’t tried it)

New post tile

here’s the settings tile

settings tile

and finally to round out this tour this is the biggest feature Alienblue has what made it popular in the first place it has DARK MODE!


to put this in perspective this version of alienblue v2.2.0 was released on September 18th 2013 and the official Reddit app didn’t even get a dark mode until  MAY 28 2021!!!!! it took 8 entire years until it got an dark mode talk about lazy dev’s on reddit!

Well that concludes the tour of Alienblue for IOS5
i will make an update on this post after july 1st after the API changes if it survived or not

until then you can join the rebels fighting against reddit’s war crimes at r/save3rdpartyapps

that said farewell Alienblue. Thanks for the memory’s!

UPDATE [July 1st 2023]

so all the 3rd party clients has been terminated but somehow Alienblue survived. Partly because Reddit them self’s acquired Alienblue in 2014 and continued developing it until 2016

Tested Alienblue on my iPad 1st gen at 5pm mountain time

April 29, 2023

Some skeuomorphic websites that are still around today!

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Here’s some hand picked websites that feature skeuomorphic designs that you can visit today! (please note that some of these sites require a modern browser)

#1 /r/Skeuomorphism/

this subreddit features a community dedicated to skeuomorphic designs the layout is even skeuomorphic!

reddit r/skeuomorphism

Link (requires Modern Browser)


syndromatic inc

This Website is inspired by IOS designs by Steve Jobs and Scott Forstall. It was made by a man named Kavish Krishnakumar in the UK

Link (uses WIX)


Look even know i don’t recommend piracy. this torrent site has a skeuomorphic design so it counts

Link (VPN Highly recommended)

Overall boring flat design might have taken over the web but there are still some skeuomorphic websites still up today!


April 12, 2023

Welcome Visitors of to the ”Wow” Effect!

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Welcome to The ”Wow” Effect an blog showcasing the skeuomorphic designs of the early to late 2010s. Even know the last post was awhile ago. Now that i have an audience. More posts will be coming very soon but for now here’s an image of the Microsoft website from 2007The Microsoft Website from 2007

Special thanks to for linking this blog. together we can crush social media like twitter!

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September 19, 2022

The forgotten designs of Windows Sideshow

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during the development of Windows Longhorn (Soon to become Windows Vista) in 2003 Microsoft introduced Windows Sideshow. one of the most unique features Windows Vista had

Windows Sideshow Beta

Windows Sideshow displays information such as RSS feeds e-mail and other things on a separate display

Final Windows Sideshow build running on device simulator

The product seemed cool Microsoft was even planing a hole ecosystem for it. There was even a windows media center remote with sideshow

Unreleased Microsoft windows sideshow remote

There are different types of sideshow displays ranging from single line lcd’s to a full color lcd

SideShow devices illustration 


detachable Windows sideshow device prototype

Unreleased Windows sideshow PDA

There were a handful of sideshow compatible devices released. Like the ASUS ScreenDUO


The ASUS W5Fe (AKA the most popular sideshow device)

ASUS W5Fe Laptop

And the Dell XPS 420

Dell XPS 420 sideshow display

Sadly for windows sideshow it wasn’t popular and support was removed in Windows 8.1. But you can still try Windows Sideshow out

I have archived some sideshow gadgets which you can find here via Retro Network’s FTP directory and if you can’t find a real windows sideshow device you can always download MS-Sideshow Device for android via Google play

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September 2, 2022

The Various Windows Vista Design’s

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The Year was 2007 Microsoft Was about to release a total overhaul of the Windows Brand. Its called Windows Vista. And even know it was a failure for Microsoft. It did some things right

Windows Vista Logo

For instance it introduced a absolutely Beautiful interface called

Windows Aero

Windows Vista Desktop after first Boot

Sure most PC’s from that time can’t run Windows Aero very well. for  those that can run it. It looks like a piece of art

There’s also the pretty cool gimmick called

Flip 3D

Flip 3D in action

It comes with Windows Aero and won’t work on the Aero basic theme. It  is pretty useful if you want to see what window you want to switch to.

Packaged with Vista are some cool wallpapers

Vistas (Default Wallpaper)

Light Auras#1

Light Auras#2

Light Auras#3

And if you are one of those guys that forked out $400 for Vista Ultimate.  You get 2 exclusive wallpapers

Vista Ultimate Aurora

Vista Ultimate Orb

Also new to Vista is animated wallpapers called.


Windows Dreamscene was only available via Windows Ultimate Extras (defunct as of 2008) And it provided users to have a Animated wallpaper on there desktop using a .wmv or .gif

Even know i can’t show any Dreamscenes on this post i uploaded all the Dreamscene wallpapers to my FTP directory click here to check them out

In Short Windows Vista paved the way for its successor Windows 7  which ironed out all the problems Vista had

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September 1, 2022

Welcome To the "Wow" Effect

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Hello and welcome to my sub Blog The “Wow” Effect

This blog is about the old times. When boring Oversimplified Logos and designs didn’t exist. and skeuomorphism was the king of design

I hope you enjoy this nostalgic trip back to the early 2010s with.

The “Wow” Effect

The “Wow” Start Now!

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